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Variations - Nespresso

Nespresso - Variations 2010

Exhilarate your senses by waking the flavour-making machine
and discover the secret tasty harmonies of the Variations...

Website for the worldwide launch of the Nespresso Variations capsules (2010 edition), a reissue of the 3 famous flavours: Vanilla, Almond, Toffee. We created a magical factory, located in the sky where all the setting is delicacy. The user is invited, by playing some mini games, to re activate that crazy capsules' factory in order to restart the production of the famous Nespresso Variations!

My work: Interactive Art Director & Designer

Flash Animation: Doublescottie and I.
Technical direction: Mathieu Vignau
Front end development: Flavio Ensiki
Back end development: Philippe Vignau
Video Cg: Chez Eddy - Director: Quentin Marmier
Rough and concept boards: Guillaume Jolly
Sound Design: Jc Quilez
Creative digital producer: Adrien Pin
Made at: Soleil Noir Studio

FWA Site of the Month.
FWA Site of the Day.
DOPE Site of the Year.
DOPE Site of the Month.
DOPE Site of the Day.
One Show Interactive Merit award
FITC Flash Motion Graphics 2011
Cannes Cyber Lions Finalist in Animation & Best Music/Sound Design
W³ Awards Best in Show Website - General - Consumer Goods
W³ Awards Gold Website - General - Marketing
W³ Awards Gold Website - Features - Animation
W³ Awards Gold Website - Features - Video or Motion Graphics

Selected Graphic Design from Europe
Club des AD 42e annuaire
Book of Creation
.Net magazine - Issue 224