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Citiz - Nespresso

Citiz - Nespresso

Citiz "High design by Nespresso". For our first collaboration with Nespresso, the Swiss brand asked us to work on a new machine called Citiz. Inspired by some mythic skyscrappers...

To enhance the campaign's key visuals, we imagined the universe around them. We created different housing environments to illustrate the Citiz way of life though the different models. Then to navigate from a machine to another, we created a journey in the sky, among the clouds... The result is an immersive website with nice animations in the city, 3D demos, cool sounds, and the original campaign's respected & empowered.

My work: Interactive Art Director & Designer.

Motion design: Harold
Technical direction: Mathieu Vignau
3D production: Le Truc
Music & Sound Design: Julien Daian
Creative digital producer: Adrien Pin
Made at: Soleil Noir Studio

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