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Arts Flo Media - Classical music library

Les Arts florissants - William Christie Classical music library. The baroque music ensemble founded by William Christie, 30 years of concerts and performances - Scores, videos, live events, photos, articles...

Les Arts Florissants, one of the world most famous Baroque music ensemble asked us to create a document database to gather their 30 years of work. They wanted an immersive interface with large photos, videos and sounds and some innovative tools to browse all that content. We created a Flash based interface with multiple document viewers (music scores + photos or video or sound). A search engine allows to highlight some keywords over the scores or any document registered in the database. We also built a Flex CMS to manage all the contents of the site.

My work: Interactive Art Director
Technical direction: Mathieu Vignau
Flash development: Andreas Palméren
Creative digital producer: Adrien Pin
Made at: Soleil Noir Studio